It is important that your child has a comprehensive eye exam before they start school. The school and your pediatricians office will do a simple vision screening, but here at Geiger Eye Care we check for much more. We will check for color blindness, eye motility, eye alignment, and depth perception. We also check to make sure that the structure of your child’s eye looks normal and healthy.

If you find your child doing any of the following, it may be related to their vision

  1. Rubbing of the eyes
  2. Regular headaches
  3. Squinting of the eyes
  4. Excessive blinking

Even if vision or eye problems do not run in the family and your child has not displayed any symptoms, they should still see an optometrist once a year to ensure that their eyes are in good health and there are no vision changes.

Geiger Eye Care is a family practice and loves to see children of all ages! We are here to help make your child’s visit as comfortable as possible. Please ask
any questions you may have regarding the appointment and your child’s needs.

Call our Altus, Elgin, or Frederick offices if you have any questions about pediatric eye exams.